About Us

Plantsy is passionate about plants and terrariums, focusing on ethical production and style. We craft our terrariums with care and sustainability, using only the best materials. Our goal is to create an extraordinary experience for customers, bringing nature and tranquility to their homes or workplaces. We offer a diverse selection of terrariums and DIY kits, catering to all preferences and budgets. Our miniature plants are sourced from growers committed to sustainable and organic farming practices. We are always available to assist with queries or guidance in making a choice.

Fresh from Our Greenhouse
A houseplant typically travels approximately four weeks from the greenhouse to a retail location. During this time, it is subjected to a variety of conditions, including transportation in trucks that may be too hot or too cold, and storage in warehouses that are unsuitable for plant health. Once in the store, these plants frequently do not receive the care, water, or light they require to thrive. However, Plantsy presents a completely different scenario. Our plants are cared for by plant experts in the ideal conditions of our greenhouse. They are shipped directly from there to your door. This significantly reduces the transit time to just 3-4 days, ensuring that your plants not only survive, but thrive, upon arrival. This guarantees you receive vibrant, healthy plants ready to brighten your space."

Expertly Shipped for Optimal Plant Health

We have refined the expertise of shipping plants with precision and care. Over the years, we've mastered the art of keeping plants at the right temperature during transit, protecting their roots, and keeping them in peak health as they travel from our greenhouse to your home. Our revolutionary packaging is designed to securely cradle the plants, reducing damage and soil spillage. Most of our plant deliveries are completed in less than a week, ensuring that you receive your plants on time. When they arrive, you can expect them to be in excellent condition - healthy, undamaged, and ready to add a touch of natural beauty to your space."